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thepixelpages's Journal

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The Pixel Pages
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About This Community:
Welcome to thepixelpages! This community is an inspiration of blinkilicious. This community is a graphic resource community where members & makers come together in one big community to talk about graphics. It will keep members and makers up to date. For example: If a community is open or closed, who maintains them, who the makers are, if a community needs makers or more members, what type of graphics each community offers & so on. Also if members have a question about which maker made a graphic they don't have credited, they can ask here as well.

The Rules of This Community:
#1) No drama! This community was not made for drama. It was made to help others & to bring members and makers together in one big community. Be polite to everyone in this community. IP Addresses will be logged.

#2) No stealing! This also means no editing or claiming as your own, etc. If members post graphics here asking which maker made them, please do not take them. Makers will be posting examples of their work, please do not take these. Also, if a maker decides to post a tutorial here to help you, please don't copy it and take it someplace else. Everything that is posted here stays here unless the maker states otherwise. If you are caught doing this, you will be banned.

#3) Basic Rules! Only maintainers of the community should post about their community. For instance, if you make for a multi-maker community & they are looking for more makers, please do not post about it, only the owner should. If you are posting large images, put them behind a lj-cut or thumbnail them please.

#4) Posting - Allowed! Here's a list of the posts that are allowed here.
·Graphic community announcements (open, closed)
·Graphic community information (details about your community)
·Questions about graphic communities
·Questions about graphics
·Graphic tutorials (or links to tutorials)
·Members wanted
·Makers wanted
·Maker for hire
·Anything else I might be missing

#5) Posting - Not Allowed! Here's a list of what you should not be posting here.
·Paid requests (no bundles, sales, etc. post this at your own community)
·Information on how to illegally download software (do this someplace else)
·Pornography, Racism, etc (this will get you banned)
·Off topic posts (this community is only for graphics)

#6) Comments! Comments should always be enabled, do not disable them. Please do not screen or delete comments. Only the mod should be doing this.

#7) Problem? If there is a problem you need to come to ME. Please email me ~ brunette(dot)rapunzel(at)aol(dot)com, I check that more than anything. If you do not hear back from me within 24 hours please email me again, comment here, or message me.

#8) Tags! Try your best to tag your entries, if you mess up, it's ok. Sometimes I won't be around to edit your entries everyday, so to save me from doing so please select from the available tags. You can do this by clicking on the "select" at the bottom of the entry where the Tags are located. Then click on whichever ones you think fits your post. If you need help doing this, I don't bite, you can comment here with any questions you might have about this.

#9) Have fun! Last but not least, please have fun! I made this community in hopes that it will help members & makers with the graphics world. :)

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